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Started Sep 2, 2022
Running days 86
Total accounts 325
Total deposited $239444.00
Today deposited $501.00
Total withdraw $163680.11
Today withdraw $0.00
Visitors online 3
Last deposit: $150.00 (god**)
Last withdraw: $0.72 (lud**)

Welcome to Freex

Make your trading 100% automated with Freex, because our traders allow 95% accuracy in trades. Because we provide trade execution services and direct market access to high-volume traders and large local and international hedge funds.

You can earn between 15% and 25% per month with our automated system with a guarantee of continuity, supported by the forex market and various activities.

Freex trust and cooperation foundation

Be among the best now, start working with Freex and go above and beyond with the best team of traders to date to make money everywhere with a secure and convenient platform on your devices.

Referral bonuses

Use the referral program and promote our company and earn up to % 10.00 referral deposits!

Name From To Commision
Level A 1.00 200.00 % 2.00 of deposit
Level B 201.00 3000.00 % 3.00 of deposit
Level C 3001.00 10000.00 % 5.00 of deposit
Level D 10001.00 15000.00 % 7.50 of deposit
Level E 15001.00 and more % 10.00 of deposit

Our other levels referral bonuses

Additional earnings up to five indirect levels of referral.

Level Commision
2 % 1.00 of deposit
3 % 1.00 of deposit
4 % 0.50 of deposit
5 % 0.50 of deposit
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